experimenting with flower styles

This week I tried making full, zinnia-like flowers inspired by Infarrantly Creative. Her images and instructions were easy to follow. I changed a couple of things and created some variations.

For #1 and #2 I used 2″ x 16″ felt, folded it lengthwise and then sewed it at the bottom. I made even cuts along the fold. The only difference in #2 is that I cut the fold after I made the small cuts to create a scrub brush-like flower.

For #3 I started with the folded and sewn 2″ x 16″ piece. I cut across the top and then made an uneven, jagged cut across the top. I made wider cuts than in #1 and #2. I staggered the cuts on the second piece to see how it would look.

For #4 I used only one piece of felt, 1.25″ x 16″. I cut the top with a wavy edge that became shorter as I cut across. Then I made wide, vertical “V” cuts, careful not to cut the felt into pieces. This was to make the flower more petal-like similar to a rose.

Once I finished cutting the strips of felt I rolled the felt up and then used a long needle and embroidery thread to secure it. Be sure to hold the shape firmly as you sew through the many layers. Don’t prick yourself. Slowly move the needle through to make sure you catch the layers and end up where you want. Here’s a drawing of how I did it:

For #5 and #6 I used my technique of layering cut felt, but using different shapes then what I normally use. I like #5. I’m going to try it in different colors and see how it looks on the headbands and purses I make.

For even more variations you can use two colors of felt and layer them. You can also layer long and short cut felt. Possibilities are endless. Any other ideas to try?


2 thoughts on “experimenting with flower styles

  1. They look so lovely! You make it sound so simple- I might have to try it sometime! Numbers 4 and 6 are my favorite!

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