a chemise i can be proud of (so far)

i’ve been working on my costume for my england tour very very slowly. in order to start the dress i have to make my undergarments first. i finished the chemise today. it was mostly done a couple of weeks ago, but finishing the hems and sleeves proved to be a hurdle (for no good reason). i did cut my pieces for the short stays. i scratched my head at the slash lines i had to cut to put in the gussets. eek, did i just say that? these are all my first go-arounds. i expect to make them all again with the real fabric too. thankfully i’m getting guidance from kimberli at The Sewing Studio here in nyc. i’m meeting her next week which gives me a deadline. deadlines are good. it’s just a matter of me setting them. strange how i work better when someone is expecting me to be somewhere and have something done.

my first chemise


after cutting the slash lines incorrectly on the front bodice piece i vented to my children saying, “mommy can’t figure this out!” gr2 suggested i go to youtube. she’s seven. she’s computer savvy. i did go on the computer and found a helpful image on the Oregon Regency Society‘s website aptly named: “how to sew a gusset.” thank you people from the oregon regency society. i finished it after the kids went to bed and i tried on the chemise with the short stays lining. now i need to make the other two short stays layers and sew them together. watch out gussets, i’m coming to get you.

chemise with short stays so far (checkout my gussets)


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