it comes from love

and sometimes i forget. my husband and i have a list of things the kids should and should not do. one of them is waking each other up in the morning if their siblings are you know, still sleeping. seems like common sense, but they just can’t help themselves. this also applies to sleeping parents–do not wake them.

they used to be in stealth mode when they reached our bed. they’re older and taller so it’s a little scary to sense someone watching you, a dark shadow looming over you when it’s early in the morning. it takes a moment to not gasp in surprise. kids just do that. these days they just break into talking in a regular conversational voice as if we had been awake.

this past sunday gr2 comes in while we were sleeping: daddy, can i play on the ipad?

a little while later, gr2 again: mommy, can i eat something for breakfast? she’s old enough to help herself and normally it’s good to ask before doing something so i can see how she is torn on whether or not to wake us.

so this morning was no different. gr2 comes to me while i was sleeping: mommy, i made you a valentine. here it is. it was 7:05 a.m. which isn’t early per se, but i had a good 10-15 minutes more to sleep. i sleepily snatched it from her and mumbled: thanks, hon. i’ll look at it when i get up. she left and i fell back asleep. when i did get up and leave the room she asked me: did you see my valentine? i said: yes, thank you very much. i hadn’t looked at it yet. i meant to, but i’m a bit militant in the morning getting the three kids out the door on time for school.

i just got back from school and i looked at her valentine:


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