patience. it will happen.

early last fall i came across something i’ve always heard of, but never tried: growing an avocado plant from seed. it’s straight out of elementary science projects like growing bean spouts on a wet paper towel in a sandwich bag. you know, the avocado pit with three toothpicks poked in its sides so it can sit on top of water in a jar? and then voila! a root and then a plant. i thought the kids would love to try it. we make guacamole often enough (though the kids don’t eat it). i looked it up on the internet to see how to do it. i found this video from youtube most useful.

so we set up our first avocado seed. the wide part was in the water and after it soaked for a few days i removed some loose skin at the bottom with a knife. a few weeks of watching and waiting and then a root! we all thought it was amazing. the seed eventually split up the middle and a sprout grew. i slowly added soil into the water jar and then planted it in a pot. leaves formed and our little “avi” was a plant. we decided to give to lolo (grandfather in filipino) for christmas. he admired it when he visited in december. avi took the car ride well and it has been growing happily at my dad’s house in illinois.

all the while i started another avocado seed in december. we waited and then we waited some more. weeks went by and my husband said: i think that one’s a dud. i didn’t think so. i kept on making sure its water was clean. the kids would check on it too. i thought of the children’s book: Leo the Late Bloomer. it’s just not ready yet. then out of the blue–closer to two months, there was a small root! more time passed and then a sprout. my husband said: you were right (i’m terrible about this. it a family trait to have to be right). i added the soil slowly and now i’m happy to say its growing in a pot with little leaves coming in. the kids are happy again. we have “avi2” or just “avi” again. and we’re growing a couple more. we’ll see how they do.


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