our small town in nyc

my husband and i moved to nyc from illinois in 1999 after we got married. it was so exciting to be a part of the city hubub. though i’m a homebody i’m drawn to the energy of city life. we focused on work and eating/taking out (a lot). after gr1 was born i remember my husband telling me that i was going to have to meet people. ugh. and here we are almost ten years later and our world has opened up a gazillion-fold to family life in the city. and in our little corner of manhattan, the lower east side, we discovered a community. it didn’t happen overnight, but it happened over years of learning, discovering and meeting people. it’s funny because i’m terrible at meeting people. it takes me a good three years to open up and be myself. having children gave us a common ground with many families we would not have met otherwise. and i’m learning to get over myself (sometimes).

my husband goes to our nearby green market to pick up our milk, garlic butter and ice cream from pam from ronnybrook. he purchases meat and eggs from stannard farm and discusses recipes and cuts of meat with the gents from stannard. the kids run to the door to greet our ups delivery man, mentor, when he delivers a package or when we see him elsewhere in the neighborhood. our local grocery store folks have watched our kids grow and ask how they’re doing if i am not with the kids. the seamstress at the cleaners invites us to stop in and chat. we know our neighbors on our floor and have school/family friends who live in our building and down the street. we look out for one another. i am thankful we have met good people. the kids and i used to joke: who are we going to see on grand street today? and sure enough we’d run into one of the kids’ teachers or one of our neighbors. we can walk out our door and there’s always someone to greet.

another thing about city life is that we walk a lot to run errands. i dislike taxis unless we must take one. gr1 gets carsick. i prefer bus (scenic) to subway, but my favorite mode of getting around is walking. my husband’s favorite is cycling. he rides almost everyday to work. i don’t have to walk far to get what i need. all it takes is nice enough weather–no torrential rain or heavy winds–and i’m good to go.

this is our everyday. this is what i know.

it’s not exactly walnut grove, but it’s our version of small town in the city.

I  ♥  NY


2 thoughts on “our small town in nyc

  1. This sounds lovely. I have moved around a lot and lived in quite a few places however i have yet to live within a large city. And NYC! That just sounds amazing. I’m sure it has drawbacks but I have always thought it would be marvelous to live there. Your life sounds lovely. Would love to see pics! Look forward to reading more!

    jeanine 🙂

    • thanks for your comments. nyc does have it’s drawbacks, but thankfully it is outweighed by the good stuff. i’m working on a post about some of my favorite things about nyc with pics. i’ll post it soon.

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