i want to be a builder

that’s what gr3 says he will do when he grows up. he’s five years old and he already knows he wants to build robots. what will his future hold? in the din of night time feeds and rough nights when our kids were wee babes my husband would make forecasts on what they would be like when they grow up. unfortunately we never wrote any of it down. i wonder if some of the things he said are true?

when gr3 was younger he would carefully design car pile ups and say they were a “set.” sometimes they were elaborate with cars shooting out matching colored markers behind them. he’d bend and shape cardboard as car tracks. he’d ask me to take pictures of them. when he was 3.5 years old he discovered ultraman after a trip to japan. he was obsessed with ultraman. we bought him some action figures and he built his “sets” with ultraman and bad guys with legos and magnet tiles to create the scene.

last night i found his latest set made up of foam building blocks built on the wii board and my yoga blocks. it was a city. he even drew on the blocks with marker.

the other day my fresh direct order came (my husband was sick on sunday and unble to do his usual grocery run across the street so i did my grocery shopping online).  our order included toilet paper. gr2 jumped in to help put things away. gr3 wanted to help too so i gave him the toilet paper to put in the closet. lo and behold the budding builder decided to use the toilet paper to make a sculpture. he was so proud.

i think he will be a builder too.


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