mamagr’s favorite foods in nyc

we’ve had lots of friends and family who have visited us over the years. i enjoy taking people around and showing them our favorite spots. mostly it’s a chance to eat out. i ask: what do you want to eat? when my dad’s in town it’s pretty much joe’s shanghai’s soup dumplings in chinatown. visits are about where we will eat in between walking around. what’s next? snack before dinner? go out for dessert? i’m not a foodie, but i like yummy food.


dim sum go go–pick your dim sum on a menu. if you get there when they first open you’ll get a table right away. dinner menu is more of the same, but more expensive. the staff knows our family. we’ve been going for ages. the kids have their dim sum favorites: steamed bao, rice rolls, chicken and rice wrapped in lotus leaf. i love the duck dumplings. my husband likes the snow pea dumplings. ok, we like it all. fun to go with friends too.

joe’s shanghai or joe’s ginger–we go for soup dumplings. i prefer the pork versus the pork and crab ones. it’s the same menu, but less busy at joe’s ginger. if you go to joe’s shanghai prepare for the possibility of sharing your round table with other diners.

little street cakes–there’s a man with a stand on the corner of bowery and grand street who makes them.

bubble tea–our favorite placed closed, but there’s a chain called quickly that will do. if you don’t like tapioca pearls my kids like the rainbow gelatin tea drinks from yaya (on chrystie street between hester and canal).

chinatown ice cream factory–almond cookie ice cream mmmm… i don’t understand how gr1 can pick a sorbet! it’s an ice cream place!

russ and daughters smoked salmon. old school store where the clerks wear white jackets. they slice smoked salmon to perfection. sure there can be a (huge, long) wait, but it is worth it. their cream cheese is delish. i think their bagels are from h&h.

katz’s i can’t believe my husband and i would each eat a whole pastrami sandwich when we first moved to here. we split them now. it’s a delicious pile of meaty goodness. and i LOVE their steak fries. he prefers celery soda while i enjoy my root beer. we’ve seen them cart out the hunks of meat from the kitchen. so good. i’m so glad gr1 has joined us in enjoying pastrami. gr2 and gr3 are content with the fries and *gasp* the hot dogs there! and now there’s il laboritorio gelato across the street from it. dessert, here we come.

ciao bella i usually order the chocolate hazelnut gelato in a sugar cone. if everyone wants rice to riches instead because it’s an interesting looking place and they like rice pudding, i go for the bear hug, also chocolate with hazelnut. i currently have a hankering for chocolate in general…

peter luger, but only occasionally or i mean for special occasions. how often can you eat awesome steak with the most delicious creamed spinach? for starters we have their tomatoes with sauce. one year my husband’s mom came to visit within weeks of my dad’s visit. two visits to peter luger was plenty for the year. the kids came with us one time when family was visiting, but they’re not really into it (i bet gr1 would now). it’s a nice meal sans kiddies though we save the chocolate gold coins they give at the end of the meal for them. i saw alan rickman dining there one time. my kids were in awe that i saw professor snape!

john’s pizzeria in midtown. i know, midtown, but it’s spacious and in an old church. good pizza. don’t get me wrong, i like lombardi’s (on spring street) too, but i really do not like to wait for a table. i did get to try grimaldi’s last fall (also big lines AND in brooklyn) with gr2’s field trip of the brooklyn bridge. a second grader’s dad from the school works there and gave the second grade classes pizza for free. it was really yummy. i might wait for a table.

kossar’s bialys bagels and bialys. nothing fancy about this place. it’s a few doors down from the donut plant. nice, fresh bagels. fluffy cream cheese (though i like russ & daughter’s better). it’s near our home. makes for a great sunday morning breakfast. i have a friend that prefers ess-a-bagel on first ave. it is good, but too far for my stomach to wander.

i think i will have to research these places all over again even without guests in town! i want to make sure nothing has changed ; ) i must research and take lots of pictures. i’ve been editing this post and every time i get hungry. i know this list will grow. there are definitely places i like to eat at that are good too, but also for the environment. more on that in a future post. for now, what do you like to eat in nyc? how about in your town?

Image on home page of gr1 sampling gelato at il laboritorio gelato


3 thoughts on “mamagr’s favorite foods in nyc

  1. I really enjoyed this post…my mouth was watering as I read through it! Time for me to make another trip to to NYC!

    • your visit = good food. today we ran into the kimchi taco truck in soho. i wanted to get to ciao bella, but the kids were tired from all our walking today. we did partake in some rice to riches–half bear hug (my pick) and half cheesecake (gr2’s pick).

  2. Sounds delicious! Rice-to-Riches you say?! You’re killing me! It’s too bad the rice pudding fad never really caught on in Chicago…

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