spring break! we rented a car and left for a d.c. easter weekend. such a neat city. we could spend a whole week and still not see everything. we walked a lot.

the notable things we saw/did:

the national geographic museum there was a samurai exhibit which gr3 was into. and since the kids love all things japanese there were lots of things to really look at. we also saw the titanic exhibit. my dad would have liked this museum. he has saved every national geographic magazine since the 70’s. he has stacks in the basement at the house i grew up in.

we built an arch at the national building museum with large foam blocks. it took team work to build up both sides and add the keystone in the middle. it fell down pretty quickly. the large open area inside the museum was really neat.

the kids really wanted to see the butterflies at the smithsonian natural history museum. there were lots of people–it was spring break after all. we saw the hope diamond, meteorites, butterflies, and human bones. afterwards we walked from the mall to the tidal basin. we missed the cherry blossoms. we saw some remnant flowers falling from the trees on our walk past the reflective pool (which did not have water in it) to the lincoln memorial. the kids did awesome with all the walking. we had dinner at tonic in the foggy bottom neighborhood (ha ha ha–foggy bottom–funny name).

sunday we had easter brunch at firefly (thanks to my friend grace for the recommendation) in the dupont circle area. yum. the little bread basket had fresh buns and awesome banana bread. the kids got to decorate their own cookies and have it for dessert. my husband and i had ruby red grapefruit mimosas. after brunch we took the subway at dupont cicle to the eastern market. we bought kettle corn and walked around checking out the flea market and bought virginian strawberries. strawberries already?

before we left d.c. we stopped by the national cathedral. the children’s chapel was so cute. the needlepoint seat cushions with bunny rabbits, chicks and other animals was inspiring (i’ll add it to my list of things to try/make).

next time we’ll check out the national cathedral gardens, georgetown, every smithsonian, union station, the old post office, the archives, the capitol, the library of congress… what else?


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