my wish is granted

i did it. on monday i purchased 3-hours of professional organizing services from Cut the Clutter. time out ny kids had a deal and i bought it and emailed them right away to schedule an appointment. i have the spring cleaning bug though i have it in spurts throughout the year. this time i mean it. after misplacing my sewing pattern instructions for my regency dress and running around our apartment looking through my piles of things i decided to do something about it. i know we live in an apartment, but i lose things all the time–not just my cell phone (which i call using our landline), but kids’ permission slips, thread, scissors, rulers, etc.

by the way, my husband found my instructions. he’s such a dear. i love him. they were in a bag with the pattern pieces on my side of the bedroom (of course) next to my desk in a bag. yep, i need organizing help. i’d lump my husband in needing help too (he’s also a pack rat), but really i know i’m plenty guilty.

in our office we have a desk full of papers. kids leave their random printouts from shidonni or moshi monsters or their drawings of pokemon strewn all over the desk alongside my piles of school work and crafty projects. i just want to shake the apartment like a rug and get rid of clutter. i don’t really want all this stuff. most if the time i just don’t see it. it’s hard to step outside what you know and see it with new eyes. i’m sure my kids are scared i’ll target their bedroom. not yet, my dears. you’re safe for now.

i’m hopeful cut the clutter will give me tips and show me the path. then i just need to walk it. i’ll keep you posted on how it goes. i have a feeling i could use way more than the three hours, but i’ll make do with what i have.

i know i haven’t posted in awhile. kids’ school auction fundraiser is coming up and i’m making a quilt for gr3’s class project with their handprints and i’m working on my regency dress. i’ll share pics soon.


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