a quilt to make, donate, and then buy

gr3’s teacher asked me if i would be interested in making a quilt for their pre-k classroom project for our school auction. the kids would provide the art–painted hand prints and their handwritten names below each pair of hands. of course i’ll do it! i haven’t finished a quilt in awhile. luckily, this one came with a deadline, may 5.

gr3 was very excited to make his hand prints at school. he exclaimed that he wanted to do it at home and make stuffed animal hand prints. we haven’t done it yet. i received the hand prints on white cotton squares two weeks ago. i cut the squares down to size, but i didn’t have the fabric for the border. i cut out the little square corners in different colors. i made it to The City Quilter (on 25th street between 6th and 7th avenues) saturday morning. i don’t remember the last time i was there. they have expanded their space. there’s so much more fabric and even a gallery space for inspiring quilts. i had a mission to find dark blue fabric and backing fabric–i wanted dark blue with white dots, but in the end i found white fabric with blue dots. i told myself to not be distracted by the fun bicycle prints and lovely small patterned fabric. i picked out the batting and went home to work on it.


it took most of saturday to finish the quilt top. i must be getting better at sewing. the strips i measured and cut lined up with the square pieces! it was a minor victory for me. by sunday i pinned the layers together with the batting and started to machine quilt. i brought the unfinished quilt to gr3’s class on tuesday to get parents excited to bid on it. gr3 reminded me that he wanted me to bid on it and win it so he can have it. i’ve been meaning to finish the one i started last year since his baby quilt is pretty torn up. tuesday night i was working on the binding. i had just the right amount of dark blue. when does that ever happen? the stars aligned. after trying to find my small embroidery hoop i found a larger one (i bought eight of them on ebay last year–see honey, i am using my crafty supplies!). i finished the quilt label two days before the auction only to realize i embroidered the wrong class room number. i did finish it on time and remembered to take pics of it.

i was happy with how it turned out. i hoped to have the winning bid so i could bring it back home to gr3, but we were shut out! i’m happy to report the quilt went for $450. yay for the school! next project? gr3’s quilt.


3 thoughts on “a quilt to make, donate, and then buy

  1. thanks for the comment. it’s amazing what a silent auction with bid numbers and free wine will do to parents who are having a good time without the kids.

    • ah…time without children…wonder what that’s like…I’ve haven’t been child free for a little over 25 years now…perhaps when I’m 60 I’ll be kid free… lol

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