i am avoiding work

i am pretty good at convincing myself to not work on something and work on something else. it’s called avoiding the real work that needs to get done. i can give you a laundry list of to-do’s, but i’ll make the time to mend gr3’s stuffed animal instead. i’ll do anything, but what i really should be doing. or i will pile more work on top of what i have to do. how does that work, you ask? i work better under pressure, but currently i’m overbooked and my head hurts thinking about everything. i know. i did it to myself.

i need to direct my energy. ive read quotes and sayings on pinterest that inspire me to say: yeah! i want to tackle all the work that comes my way. i want to create! everyone is awesome! i want to capture that positive energy and smother myself in it sometimes. seriously, can you imagine all we can accomplish if we kept pushing forward and never losing momentum. forget the fact that my husband and i go to bed at 1am nearly every night to work on stuff. ok, pinterest is a distraction, but it also inspires. and yes, i do have to organize my website url bookmarks right now. i’ve got to check my etsy activity. i actually filled the dishwasher tonight AND remembered to push the button for it to start.

i was so muddled that i told my husband that gr2 had a publishing party at 9am this morning before gr1’s spring dance performance at 10:15 am. we took gr3 out of his class to go to gr2’s publishing party. we get to the class and we see all the kids sitting quietly at their work tables. oh, next week you say? my bad. i read the date wrong. on the upside my husband and i went to grab a cup of coffee before gr1’s performance. i need to work on my home calendar.

i have this nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. it’s thinking about middle school that gr1 will have to deal with next year. it’s the nominating committee i’m on to get people to run on pta. we need someone to run for secretary and secure someone to run for president. it’s the enrichment cluster’s final project. we only have two more classes for the kids to start/finish their work. it’s my trip to england in september and i have to finish the dress. it’s the school website i put myself on and now have to deliver and count on fellow parent volunteers. the spring fair banners have to be made–i’ve got it covered. i’ve got  butterflies in my stomach.

baby steps. breathing. sighing. breathing. i can do this. i have to do this. i will do this. i want to do this.


One thought on “i am avoiding work

  1. One day at a time. Sounds like you are holding down the fort quite well with how much you have on your plate- I’m still impressed! I know what you mean about procrastination- I had been telling myself I will clean the family fish tank (which has been empty since the last fish died 2 months ago, yup, you read that right, 2 months ago). You’ll be happy to know I FINALLY got around to cleaning it this week!

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