the ride

memorial weekend. i knew my husband would want a family bike ride over the weekend. he’s a complete bike person–from his bmx tricks (as a kid) to the 5-boro bike tour with the kids. bike tees, bike gear–he’s all over it. it’s his thing. occasionally i go along for the ride and always at the end i think: that was fun!

on monday, we took a ride down and around the bottom of manhattan. we picked up the bike path on south street and clinton street. my husband had gr3 on the front bike seat and gr2 on the trailer bike. gr1 was on her own bike and i was behind her. i’m still cautious about cycling in the street. i stay near gr1 with my finger on my bike bell just in case. i shout tips and instructions to her: watch you daddy. he’s slowing down. look up. you got it? you’re doing great!

i forget how wonderful it is to ride a bike–the breeze, the view…

thank you to my husband who encourages all of us to ride our bikes.


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