school’s almost out

june 27, are you here yet? my sights are on you when nyc public schools are out (half day of school!). the kids and i cannot wait. no more homework and rushing off to school in the morning. no more after school classes and maneuvering multiple playdates. summer, here we come.

2012 summer line up:

kutztown folk festival we went in 2009 and we want to go back. there was an awesome quilt barn. people were friendly. the girls bought bonnets–little house on the prairie style. they dipped candles and rode ponies. it’s country-americana–sweet potato fries and pennsylvania dutch. we listened to horns and tuba performers wearing overalls. loved it.

summer home in illinois  actually it’s the house i grew up in. we invade and shake up my dad’s home for a few weeks. kids enjoy a backyard, water sprinklers, a basement that’s cool and scary, an upstairs and finding all sorts of stuff in the house from when i was growing up. i also get my driving legs back for a few weeks.

swimming lessons at the park district beautiful clean pool with students in high school teaching the kids. it beats the pants off nyc swimming class prices.

<br/>spend time with family it’s our chance to hangout and just be together. our children hang with their cousins. we celebrate summer birthdays. it’s all good.

august, we’ll take our time getting to you. like frog and toad’s story: we’ll take life easy.


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