ellis island

a few weeks ago i went on gr2’s field trip to ellis island. during the ferry ride we stopped at the statue of liberty to pick-up/drop-off passengers and then headed to ellis island. i can’t imagine the people who came through there–their stories, their survival. millions of immigrants passed through ellis island from 1892 to 1954. i can’t imagine the hurdles they faced, but somehow immigrants figured it out and built their lives in the u.s. i can’t imagine moving to another country and leaving everything you know and starting over. when people arrived they left their belongings (all that they had) in one room while they were checked for health issues and interviewed to make sure they were mentally stable, healthy, and passed their interviews. people stayed at the hospital on ellis island if they were ill. fiorello laguardia (a mayor of nyc in the 1930’s) once worked on ellis island. there is so much history. we saw photographs of immigrants, framed tickets to come to america by ship, naturalization papers, etc. these people had courage. being there reminded me that we all come from somewhere.

The view of New York Harbor

Outside Ellis Island Museum

The Great Hall/Registry Room


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