what has mamagr been up to?

school was out wednesday, june 27. we left the city on friday, june 29. time to take a break from the city.

after a brief stay with family outside philly we went to the Kutztown Folk Festival. it was a terribly hot day, but we pushed through. after parking the car we headed straight for the quilt barn. it was so cool to be surrounded by quilts–so inspiring. they even had a quilting bee with some ladies. i’ve never tried hand quilting and not in a group (note to self to try). we attended the fair a couple of years ago and we really enjoyed it. the kids made candles. i bought a lovely beeswax decoration infused with cinnamon. we had birch beer, root beer… all good stuff. we were also glad to share the day with our friends from home who met us there.

after that we started our drive to illinois. we stopped in our favorite mid-point, clarion, pa. we took a different route than we normally take since we left from kutztown and drove on amazingly scenic roads to get to I-80. we passed rolling waters and lush, green trees. i felt the city-ness melt away. once we arrived in clarion we had dinner at perkins. the kids love to eat at the perkins in clarion. the next day we did the rest of the drive to illinois. we hit a hard-rain spell somewhere in indiana that my sister warned us about, but we got through it safely. we listened to the radio to listen to the soccer uefa 2012 final. viva españa!

we stayed in illinois for the month of july. my husband flew to nyc and back to illinois after two weeks. the last two we spent all together at my dad’s house. the kids enjoyed the backyard, water sprinklers, riding bikes, going to (any) malls, seeing family, taking swimming lessons at the park district, fishing, playing with my sister’s dogs and so on. i’ll have separate posts on some of the things we did. they had such a great time that they did not want to leave.

once we got back to nyc it took us awhile to adjust to the city. the kids seemed much louder in our apartment versus at my dad’s spacious house. on the upside we can go to kossar’s and the donut plant. not to mention we can go to north dumpling for an inexpensive lunch, bubble tea and the japanese bakery. we’ll throw in some museums, playdates and sleepovers and call it a summer.

and now i am gearing up for my trip to england in a few weeks. i managed to work on my dress while we were in illinois. another post is coming about that. we’re still in summer mode while kids in other states are already starting back up. nyc public schools start thursday, september 6. we’ll just take our time on that one.

i hope summer is treating you well. i’m gearing up for a productive fall.


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