*thee* england tour

i stumbled onto the Sense & Sensibility Patterns website in august 2011. i was impressed by jennie chancey and her work. she organizes a tour in england with her co-organizer suzi clarke, a well established costume maker in england. they travel with a group of women to the english countryside. during the tour they visit textile museums and see period clothing up close for better study. the end of the trip is in bath where we walk the promenade in regency costumes for the jane austen festival. i came across the pics from her trip in 2010 blog and i knew i wanted to go. it was just a matter of making it happen.

after discussing it with my husband we decided i would try. it would be my fortieth birthday present. could i possibly leave my husband and kids to go traipsing the english countryside with strangers? i surprised myself by saying yes. i also want to say that if it wasn’t for my supportive husband i would not be going (thank you). that was that. jennie gave me the green light and here i am, a year later, preparing for my trip.

i’m a bit nervous about traveling alone because i’m usually not. this trip is about putting myself out there and teaching me that i can do things. i’m looking forward to meeting the women on the tour. my friends and family have been excited for me. i’ll bring their well wishes with me to england. more to come as the trip unfolds in september.


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