saturday, nyc

let’s take a break from my england trip. i got back from england on sunday night and the kids are full swing in school. i thought i’d share what we did today. we love the weekends. it’s so nice to have a whole day ahead of you with no big, busy plans.

our neighborhood has been abuzz with the possibility of the lowline–an underground park with sunlight, plants and trees. we went to the lowline exhibit on broome street. it’s a lovely idea. they only need $55 million. it would exist under part of delancey street where there used to be a trolley terminal, but has been closed since 1948. it’s like the highline on the westside, but underground. i think it would be really neat. you do too? you can donate/check it out here.

there were displays explaining the project and a sample of what it would look like which they built in the warehouse space. the kids were very excited to see it. gr1 found a praying mantis in a plant in the display. the man talking to people about the lowline pointed out the praying mantis’ egg sack in the tree. can you spot them?

it didn’t take long to walk through the exhibit. our discussion turned to: what’s for lunch? we eventually decided on An Choi on orchard street. it so happens my old roommate from college is part owner of the place (he’s in vietnam). we tried the chicken lollipops which were yummy. my husband and kids shared two bowls of beef pho. i enjoyed my pork belly banh mi. the kids ate my shrimp chips. post lunch my dear husband was reflecting on the meal (actually, he was looking for our waiter for the check).



we strolled home and didn’t do too much else with the day. my husband went on a secret errand. girls practiced piano. gr3 ran around in his ulttraman costume and i finished reading Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyers . thank you, dear frances, for the book. it is a sweet story indeed.

kids made wontons for dinner. my husband went to see some rock bands play at the pier with our friend visiting. i will get loads of things done after the kids go to bed. well, maybe.


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