lacock village to corsham

september 14: we left the belmont hotel in leicester after breakfast. we had a big drive to lacock village, a.k.a. cranford. we were all very excited about stopping there for a few hours before we continued our drive to corsham, near bath.

i sat with heather on the ride and the few hours went by quickly. she sells her civil war cockades on etsy. they’re beautiful.

at lacock i walked around with emily. when we first walked towards the village i kept calling it cranford. we were waiting for miss matty or miss pole to come out from one of the homes. we saw the red lion that was the exterior shot for the ball at meryton in the 1995 pride and prejudice. if it wasn’t for the cars parked on the street we were transported to the 1850’s.

as we wandered the streets and paused to take pics we came across a table outside someone’s home selling small pottery jars for £5 or less. another neighbor had a basket of zucchini to sell. we came across another home with canvas bags with an image of lacock village, £2 each, to raise money for their local preschool. emily and i dug into our change to find the right amount. we picked our bags and dropped the money into the person’s mail drop–on your honor!

after a brief lunch outdoors we toured lacock abbey (from the 1300’s). it was set back from the village. we walked through the cloisters where they filmed parts of harry potter 1 and 2. does it look familiar?

we entered the abbey which eventually became home to the talbot family until the 1940’s when matilda talbot gave it to the national trust. over the years walls were added and other changes were made to the space. there was a beautiful living room with sunlight coming in and rugs and paintings. there was a harp and piano and of course a copy of cranford by elizabeth gaskell.

by late afternoon we boarded the bus again for the drive to corsham at the rudloe hotel. we arrived in less than an hour. our hotel stood at the top of a hill past downtown corsham. we caused a bit of hubub when we arrived–piles of luggages and keys given out. suzi and her husband were staying in the main hotel. she waved to us from her room above like the queen. poor nancy, her luggage was left behind in leicester–her costume was in it! thank goodness they called the hotel and found a driver to deliver her luggage by evening. our room was apart from the main hotel in a newer building. we unpacked our costumes and emily worked on her spencer while i ironed my chemise and dress. we hung our outfits in the closet. i went out to take a few pics before dinner and access the wifi in the main hotel. we had our last group dinner. raquelle organized dancing for post dinner entertainment. she instructed some of us while heather accompanied on the piano. even john our driver joined us. we didn’t stay too late since some of us had to finish dresses and bonnets!

back in our hotel room emily played cranford on her computer–we were just in cranford/lacock village! we stayed up latest that night. she worked on her costume while we both watched cranford.

coming up next: bath!!!


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