the kids had a half-day of school. it’s pretty random since kids in other public schools in nyc were in school. i usually plan dentist or doctor’s appointments to keep things moving along, but this time i planned ahead to see tatzu nishi’s art installation, Discovering Columbus, funded by Public Art Fund. i reserved our timed tickets in advance. gr3’s classmate’s mom told me about it so i went online and printed my tickets here.

kids got out at 11:45 a.m. after a quick lunch at home we took the train up to columbus circle. we left the neighborhood! because we got there before our time/reservation we walked around the time warner building. we took pics of the romero britto sculptures and checked out the views. (behind the dog you can see the top of the art installation in the background)

outside Discovering Columbus we waited to enter and walk the six flights of stairs. the artist created a living room that encloses the christopher columbus statue. i never noted the statue by the fountains on columbus circle was chirstopher columbus (hence the name of the cirlce–i can be slow on the uptake). tickets scanned, we climbed the steps.

we sat on the sofa: gr1 took pictures, gr2 wrote in her notebook, gr3 looked through a magazine and there was columbus in the middle of the room.

the wallpaper was a pink toile-like design with american iconography:

neat to have this vantage point. the statue was very large.

central park just outside the room:

after we viewed the art and walked down we called my husband to see if he wanted us to visit him at work. the kids associate visiting daddy with the hot cocoa machine in his office. of course we stopped by.

it was that kind of day. no piano lessons to rush back to and no girls on the run practice. we hungout on the upper west side, saw art, had hot cocoa with my husband at his office and then took the subway home. the half-day felt full, a good full.


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