a report post sandy

we survived the hurricane: five days without electricity, eight days without heat and hot water. what more is there to mention? the wind? the downed trees? there was a lot of both.

we didn’t leave our neighborhood. my husband went to work in mid-town wednesday, thursday and friday. on those days he braved the darkness on his bike ride home (he added more reflectors to his helmet). he took our electronics to recharge them at work. he came home with bags of ice to replace the ice in the cooler. we added the old ice to the water in our tub for flushing the toilet. it’s amazing how quickly you ration your resources. the kids realized how important electricity was, not to mention water, heat and the internet. we had no cell phone service or landline to call our families. daylight was precious.

after the hurricane it was very quiet outside. no school for the kids. by wednesday they felt a bit sad to not have halloween. we made it to our friend’s place in the same building on the 10th floor for a small halloween celebration. we maneuvered the stairwell with our flashlights and the kids got to be with their friends. it felt “normal.” we stood in the hallway in the dark and handed out candy to our kids: “trick-or treat!” they came back a few times to each of us–i should have brought all six pounds of candy i bought, but we’ve been eating the candy at home. here’s a blurry shot looking at mid-town from our friend’s apartment:

during our week in post hurricane limbo we kept busy–the kids had crafty projects and they played and played and played. people visited us (we’re on the first floor), we played the piano, we read lots of books and the kids drew a lot. i was able to use up most of our food from the freezer and ate more meat than we usually do.

by friday it was getting cold inside. our co-op brought in a huge generator so we could have (cold) running water. the kids took turns in the shower stall while i poured half cold/half heated water on them to wash themselves. at 4:55 pm the lights all of a sudden came on. we heard people cheering outside. thank goodness for electricity.

that evening i read about and saw pictures of sandy’s devastation on the internet. we were disconnected from the world all week. it was so sad to see the destruction in the rockaways in queens and parts of new jersey. it could have been so much worse for us, but we are ok. my heart goes out to those still without power and who have no home.

the kids have been “camping out” in our bedroom the last few nights where we used a space heater. it was really warm and toasty in there all together. the kids had school on monday. tuesday was no school for election day. we heard the heat might be on that afternoon. i tried the kitchen faucet the second we got back from our errands. what a relief, hot water! ok kids, shower!!!


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