my partner in crime

i’d like to introduce my husband. i met him when i was 20, trying out to be the drummer for his band in college (it didn’t work out). he knows me better than myself. he can tell you how i’ll react to a situation and he’d probably be right. he’s been my best friend since november 25, 1993. he loves riding his bike. this fall he rides with gr3 to his robot class on 102nd street from our home in the lower east side on saturday mornings (it takes almost an hour each way). he’s a good gift giver (i am not). he thinks a sandwich is a meal (without potato chips nonetheless!). he calls me when he’s on his way home from work (we have our family dinner). the kids love to be with him (as do i). he does the compost drop-off and green market run on sundays. he does laundry (i help fold) on tuesdays and fridays. he enjoys rock shows and camping. he trolls craigslist for camping gear. he needs his coffee every morning. i value his opinion (even with crafty projects). he’s all that and i am a better person for knowing him.

one time before we got married it really hit me that this was love. we were shopping at ikea for furniture. we were planning our move from illinois to new york after we got married so we needed furniture. we were walking around and we get one of ikea’s paper measuring strips near the pencils to measure the furniture. i grabbed one end of it and ran it across my other hand to catch the end of the paper ruler when i realized i gave myself a mega-huge paper cut on my hand. he looked at me as i took in my breath with a “i can’t breathe right now, ow, ow ow” expression on my face. do you know what he did? he took my finger with the paper cut and put it in his mouth. you know how you do that to yourself when you get a paper cut? he did that to me and my finger. it hit me at that moment just how much he loves me.

we’ve been together for 19 years (in two days). we’ve grown up together and (thankfully) stayed on the same path. we’ve come a long way from college kids, to being a married couple, then babies and parenting. we’re still the same people, but different. i won’t say older and wiser, but we’ve shared experiences that helped us grow together.

we’re nearing the point when we’ve been together half our lives. did you ever hear about couples who are together so long that they start to look like each other? i think we’re headed there. weird.


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