rag quilt for gr3

it was time to retire gr3’s tattered quilt i made him when he was first born (almost six years ago!). they were made from my husbands (clean) old boxer shorts mixed with some new fabric. i love the used fabric because it’s so soft, but it just doesn’t last.


i saw a rag quilt at my sister’s in-law’s house this past summer and i decided that’s the kind i wanted to make for gr3. and guess what, i actually did it. i have many projects at unfinished stages. but this one i accomplished. of course it took ordering twice from Jubilee Fabric because i didn’t know how much fabric i needed (now i have enough to probably make another quilt!). they have directions on how to do it and i finished it. my wrists are recovering from all the little cuts on the seams, but it was worth it.

most importantly, gr3 loves it. maybe he’ll take this one to college. it’s a bit country, but i’ve got a little country in me for a city girl ; )  i’m patting my back and sharing the results.



2 thoughts on “rag quilt for gr3

  1. I love this. I’ve been wanting to make a rag quilt for my son. The quilt I made him before he was born is kind of “little kid” now. He deserves a big kid one now at nearly age 10, plus I just need another reason to quilt. I also love the fabrics you picked. Very inspiring!

    • thanks! i hope you make one. even though there are lots of steps to making it and the fabric strands get everywhere it was worth it. i’m waiting for my girls to request their own ; )

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