keep on making

what’s on your list to make this holiday season? for me it’s time to make our christmas cards (cue “time to make the donuts” commercial for dunkin’ donuts).

you can’t rush a christmas card idea. my husband used to joke in july: time to start thinking about those christmas cards *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*. i have a tendency to wait until mid-december to begin the process. it started in 1999 with our first christmas card as a married couple. i designed torn paper snowmen with ribbon scarves. we made about a hundred to send to family, friends and coworkers. it was our gift to everyone. one year we needed to make two hundred cards. these days we make about a hundred and fifty. i love to make them. does this mean i start in july? no. i wait to be inspired. i wait until december 25 is near. i wait until… i get there. if i’m really behind i’ll convince myself that it’s a holiday card so i have until january 1 to get them out. i try all sorts of ideas until i arrive at something i really like. i’ll ask my husband: what about this? do you like this color? what if i add that? we make a great team–he’s all about the production and printing envelopes. he also comes up with efficient ways to execute some of my crazy ideas. one year we cut doves out of card stock by hand with an exact-o blade. another year we glued dots of colored paper for gingerbread boys and girls’ buttons. we may one day go blind making some of my card designs, but we can’t wait to make them and mail them out. it’s a part of our holiday fun.

this year my design includes white felt cut circles with green felt presents embellished with metallic thread on card stock. yup, still cutting those circles out. the kids will help writing on the cards to complete the design. they’re excited to help. i’ll try not to keep them up late.

merry christmas! keep on making in 2013.



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