visiting MoMath (Museum of Mathematics)

my husband thought it was a good idea to get out of the house the day after christmas. we stayed in the day before leisurely playing with toys and eating hors d’oeuvres all day. it was time to get out. his idea: the Museum of Mathematics. the kids groaned: “why?” “what’s there” “i don’t want to go out.” even i chimed in with: “it’s supposed to snow this afternoon!” somehow, he got us out the door and into the subway. after lunch at Live Bait, we walked across madison square park to the museum. on the way we greeted a large squirrel we named sam.


inside the museum we checked in at the computer kiosk and received our clip-on badges. there were lots of people on this particular day. the kids quickly discovered that the museum was very interactive. they ended up having a really good time. gr3 wants to go back. my husband noted there were a high percentage of people wearing glasses (he wears them too). nerds everywhere!

there were cool looking engraved lines on metal that looked like 3-d shapes with lights aimed at it.


they also took turns driving the square-wheeled tricycle.


we made our way to level “-1.” there was a tessellation station with patterns to create.

mamagr_momath_tessellation mamagr_momath_tessellation2

there was a maze on the floor where you walked on the path to the finish only making right turns. there was the connected balls sculpture that lit up and played musical notes when you pressed each ball.


there were many more things to try that i did not include here. i would have liked more guided math explanations from museum folks. the kids could have gotten more out of it. i also would have appreciated staff making sure people took turns nicely–we sadly encountered a few pushy children who jumped the “line” with no parents around. back upstairs the kids tried the coaster on rollers and building with modular balls and sticks at a table. we all ended up at the table building for a bit.

on the subway ride home gr1 and gr2 told my husband they were glad they went and that they were sorry they were not interested in going at first. good for them for being open to something new. i should remember that lesson too.


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