l.e.s. to the upper east side

you wouldn’t think it would be a huge task, but we left the neighborhood on saturday. *gasp*

my husband and gr2 were out of town for the weekend. gr1 and gr3 were hanging with mommy and my plan was to take them to see ann hamilton’s the event of a thread at the armory. it’s there until january 6. i thought it would be tough convincing the kids to go, but they were intrigued.

we took the f to the lexington/63rd stop. woah, lots of steep escalators to get out of that station. i very rarely come up this high. it was snowing when we exited. at the armory we walked into a beautiful space where you would expect to see stained glass and armors. it was very warm and cozy. before entering the show we went to the cafe area and had some juice. there were chess and checkers on a few tables so gr1 and i played a game of chess and gr3 watched and stacked the checkers pieces.


inside we immediately took in the scene. there were two people sitting at a table speaking into microphones where pigeons were in wooden cages. a light shone on them. beyond that were people on swings gliding back and forth. dividing the room was a huge, white curtain. it’s movement was controlled by the people on the swings. the armory was huge. above you could see the intricate strings and pulleys from the swings to the white fabric to the ends of the room.


we rode the swings and lay on the floor below the white curtain. we watched the fabric glide and sway above us. gr1 wanted to swing again and gr3 listened to one of the bags placed throughout the space. you could hear voices coming from them.



we went upstairs to see what the space looked like from above. we saw two chimes way up high on a string that would occasionally collide and chime. we watched the movement of the white curtain and the strings and the people laying below it. gr1 drew.


we had our visual fill and now we needed food. we walked in the rain up lexington and found a japanese restaurant. gr3 had his ikura and gyoza, gr1 had her salmon sashimi and udon and i had tonkatsu. green tea warmed us up. we went home completely satisfied. we did it: we got out of the neighborhood.


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