the birthday party

gr3 turned six and we threw him a birthday party. our kids celebrate their birthday every other year. not that we don’t celebrate as a family every year, but every other year they can have a party. this year, gr3 wanted to invite his whole kindergarten class for a robot-themed party. we had robots for the kids to “build.” my husband and i (mostly my husband) built the robots part way beforehand. the kids finished and decorated their robots at the party. we had robot races and robot drawing on black paper with metallic markers on the floor. we even had freeze dance with robot music–mister roboto anyone? in hindsight, this song it too slow for freeze dance, but we had other robot and science-y songs. it was totally fun.



i’m so glad it went smoothly. i get nervous that guests are not having fun or there’s not enough of something, but everything worked out. the parents were great and the kids were into the activities.

i have to mention that my husband did a great job making robots to decorate the room. he painted them a few nights before the party. a couple of them were inspired by gr3’s drawings. they are currently living in our front hallway, a.k.a. our garage.



for dinner, the birthday boy requested homemade mac’n’cheese for dinner (marc bittman’s awesome recipe). all in all it was a good birthday.

my little man is six! i still can’t believe it.


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