l.e.s. food nyc

it’s been awhile since i’ve posted about food. here’s what we’ve had in the neighborhood lately:

in the fall my husband and i tried Sauce on rivington for dinner. it was homey, delicious italian food. one of the dad’s from our kids’ school happens to work there and told us that the owner was recently in italy and made changes to the menu. the pasta was fresh. the meat was yummy.


on new year’s day we met up with family friends to try Blue Ribbon Sushi on orchard street. we had the buffet. we ordered from the buffet warm-items menu too. our friends loved the friend chicken. i was partial to the cheesy rice with crab that my husband ordered (thanks for sharing, my love). the buffet included: sushi rolls, granola, cheese, smoked salmon, and bagels. the kids liked it. the stairway was pretty.


Cafe Katja on orchard renovated their space. my husband and i recently went for our anniversary. it’s twice the space it used to be. i had the schnitzel–mmm. he had the meatballs. kids were still up when we got home and ate our leftovers (bummer). pretzels and herring salad to start.


are neighborhood now has Malt&Mold. the owner, kevin, helps you pick out just the right beer. my husband occasionally picks up a growler and some cheese. i’ve got a mom’s night at malt & mold planned there next week. after his shop closes we’ll have a beer and cheese tasting. the moms and i can’t wait.

Eastwood Chip Shop just opened on clinton street. we’ve had it twice now. dinner on sunday and lunch on monday. they’re corner restaurant won’t be open for a couple of months, but their take out spot is open. we tried their fish and chips, falafel and fish sandwiches and kale salad with onions, walnuts, and pomegranate. gr1 liked the falafel and fish sandwich. gr2 liked the chips. gr3 is not there yet, but he will. my husband totally dug it.

so many restaurants, not enough meals in the day. when we do decide to eat out, we can’t remember the ones we want to try. i know, we’ll pull through.

p.s. my cousin was in town. we went to katz’s for lunch yesterday. that was so good. don’t worry, we split the sandwich. post lunch we were at il laboratorio del gelato. when i told my kids, their response was: what?! you went without us?! sorry kiddies. no leftovers this time ; )



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