city walkers

when we walk outside our apartment building, there’s lots to look at. with gr3 we’ll count things so he doesn’t notice the distance we’re walking. all the kids are good city walkers. we can walk to union square and back and they’re fine (about four miles). gr1 always prefers walking, unless she can ride her bike–just like her daddy.

these days gr3 and i count water towers.



we play the license plate game too. rules: new york doesn’t count and no repeats. gr1 and gr2 run ahead to check out the parked cars’ license plates. new jersey! connecticut! i got rhode island! i said pennsylvania already! and so on.

we see all sorts of street art. we used to count “jim joe” tags, but these days “hue” is popping up a lot. sometimes there is street art on building walls or metal window guards for store fronts and we pause to look at them.




and then there is walking through chinatown. there are fruit stands, food and fresh fish markets, bakeries and dress shops that catch our eye as we walk by.


summer means finding a mister softee ice cream truck while running errands to break up a big walk. or if it’s cold out, stop by yaya for bubble tea. sometimes we’ll pause at tompkins square park in the east village so the kids can swing, run around, or sit and take a short break.

walking is a part of our life in the city and one of our favorite things to do–we don’t need a destination.


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