winter break in nyc

the shortest winter break ever didn’t keep us from exploring our nyc.

drive 1: kimchi grill, the restaurant sibling of the kimchi taco truck in brooklyn = saturday lunch. it was so so good. my husband had the waffle (red mung bean flour) with a breaded fried chicken tossed in an agave/butter sauce with a fried egg. i had the korean bbq short rib taco with an apple-cabbage-kimchi-slaw. we all shared the nachos while the kids had variations of rice and beans and a quesedilla. it’s a small space and the food took awhile, but it was worth it. we got a chance to tell phil, the owner, how awesome it was when he walked in as we were getting ready to leave. he’s such a nice guy.


we drove a few blocks to park closer to the brooklyn museum. after looking at african masks we checked out el anatsui’s exhibit. the artist is ghanain and lives in nigeria. his art takes everyday materials–metal bottle caps and metal lids and transforms them into beautiful, armor-like wall hangings and sculptures. we walked up close to look at the handiwork. gr3 was fond of the paper bags.

mamagr_elAnatsuiSistersmamagr_elAnatsuiDetail mamagr_elAnatsuiBags

ikea stop. we didn’t really need to to, but we were out and we felt like exploring. it was crazy busy. we went for frozen yogurt cones and bought frozen swedish meatballs and chocolate. sadly, there was a recent news report that in europe they discovered horse meat in the meatballs, but somehow the u.s. ikea meatballs are ok. hmm, does anyone want an open bag of ikea swedish meatballs?

drive 2: the cloisters, way up high in manhattan where we’ve never been. we saw huge tapestries, religious sculptures and stained glass–all hundreds of years old. the kids found things to interest them like the small fountain and the unicorn tapestries. we’ll have to come back in the spring so we can explore the outside area too.


mamagr_cloistersUnicornmamagr_cloistersGr1 mamagr_cloisters_sistersmamagr_cloistersGr3

we worked up an appetite and went to dinosaur bar-b-que in harlem on 125th street near fairway. some how we beat the crowd. oh my gosh, their ribs were so good. kids had cheesy mac’n’cheese (gr2’s favorite dish), pulled pork, cornbread… not much leftovers : (


sandy shorted our break, but it worked out. in the spring we’ll go to wave hill. gr1 wants to learn more about birdwatching. we’ll look for some good eats too.


2 thoughts on “winter break in nyc

  1. Love the bottle cap art. So cool. Even if I tried to replicate it would never be so pleasing. Food trucks just came to our area. I’d love to experience some NYC versions. What we have isn’t bad, but not a lot of selection. Neat post.

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