arizona spring break

if you asked my kids what they did for spring break, gr1 would say: we went to arizona. it was fun. gr2 would say: we swam in three pools! gr3 would say: it was good. we spent seven days with my husband’s mom in arizona. we arrived in phoenix on tuesday, drove to sedona on wednesday, drove to the grand canyon on thursday and returned to sedona and then drove back to phoenix on friday. we rented a minivan and my husband did all the driving (thanks, my love). we met up with nyc friends who happened to be in phoenix for baseball spring games AND we saw my sister and her husband who flew in from illinois to see his parents who live on the other side of south mountain from my mother-in-law — small world!

sedona it was a small town surrounded by huge red rock formations. if you live there, do you stop “seeing” the beautiful surroundings? it was absolutely amazing. we stopped by tlaquepaque, a cute shopping area with local artists before we saw the chapel and cathedral rock. we didn’t run into any vortexes (someone explain them to me, please). we hiked a little too. some people were climbing cathedral rock. we felt tiny.



grand canyon we drove up for the day from sedona. we passed coconino national forest. we saw snowbowl mountain in the distance and were about 7,500 feet above sea level. we didn’t know what to expect once we got to the grand canyon national park. after we parked and ate lunch we took the park’s hermit’s rest free bus ride along the south rim. there were some lines to get on the buses, but manageable. the weather was cool and sunny. we hiked along the south rim. by late afternoon we drove to the watch tower at the other end of the south rim. there was too much to take in in one day. we’ll have to come back to see more and hike down.


phoenix we went downtown to the farmer’s market and we saw some neat street art. instead of walking around phoenix the kids wanted to go to a mall. we don’t have them in nyc so they are fascinated by them. we drove to arizona mills in tempe. we shopped and grandma treated to see Oz in 3-D. it was a little scary for gr2 and gr3. but really the kids would have been content in grandma’s rock-backyard blowing bubbles or trying to catch geckos along the wall. on easter we had a lovely brunch at the farm on south mountain.


gr1 and gr2 cried the night before we left. they wanted to stay with grandma. the seven days flew by. the morning we left the girls shed more tears. we were lucky to go out and visit. thank you, mom, for having us.


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