proud owners of a giant dry erase board

who doesn’t have one these days? my husband was so excited when he ordered it. he bought it to help gr1 with her math. seriously, fifth grade math has algebra! thank goodness my husband loves this kind of stuff.

anyway, gr1 needed to work out math problems and her math-smart daddy walked her through it on paper, but that just wasn’t enough for him to really show her how/what to do. he wanted a dry-erase board. when it was delivered, i was having a tea party with three wonderful friends. when they were leaving and we opened our apartment door, there was the huge, dry erase board box blocking the door. oh my! it’s 3′ x 4′. it doesn’t sound large, but in nyc apartments it counts as furniture that should pay rent.

it lived temporarily next to the dining table on a bench, but a few weeks ago it graduated to a special spot in the office. phew!

now, if math issues come up, he says: let’s go to the white board. there’s some serious math talk going on in the office these days. my husband and gr1 take turns writing and working it out. after gr1 gets it, he erases it so she can do the work again on her own for her homework. he’s one tough daddy.

as much as i was not into the dry erase board at first, it has been great for math, practicing japanese, playdates, sleepovers and as a general drawing space. at first the kids would say: don’t erase my drawing! but really, there is just too much creativity that pours out of them everyday. i would totally recommend one for kids. good idea, my love!




2 thoughts on “proud owners of a giant dry erase board

  1. I remember when Brian used to try to teach me math. He got to the point where he’d be yelling “I don’t understand what you don’t understand!!!!!” It never ended well. Glad to hear things have changed a bit. 🙂

  2. yes, he told the kids stories about how he tried to help you. he remembers it exactly as you do. he works hard to be patient with gr1. you should come by for a lesson to see for yourself : )

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