chow down: korean food in fort lee

we never knew fort lee, nj was a koreantown. awesome korean food was right across the river! yes, manhattan has a k-town, but this was different.

we met up with my husband’s coworker and his wife (both korean) and we followed them across the george washington bridge by car to Myung Dong Noodle Shop on saturday morning. we squeezed into the small parking lot directed by a man making sure we were parking for the restaurant. we arrived soon after they opened and it filled up quickly. our friends ordered the food and we got to enjoy it. thank you k & m for taking us there. we will never be able to order what you ordered ; )


the kids liked it all: the soup noodles, the dumplings and the bulgogi. ok, all but the kimchi. the long, metal chopsticks and spoons were fancy and a bit of a challenge for the fresh, slippery soup noodles.

afterwards, we went to a korean grocery store with them. on our drive we passed numerous storefronts with signs in korean. we drove by two korean shopping markets before we turned into one called Super H Mart. the kids are already asking to go back. inside the grocery store we sampled food and purchased lots of snacks. we saw the machine in back that made walnut cake. it was like a ball of dorayaki, but with walnuts in the batter. there was also a machine that puffed out rice cakes and shot them into a plastic box before the man working the machine bagged them. we bought korean pears and our friends gave us korean melons to try.


to top it off, we went to the korean bakery, Paris Baguette, a few stores down from the market. the pastries and cakes were beautiful, too pretty to eat. they have a manhattan location in k-town which we’ll be visiting soon.


we had a taste-of-korea adventure with our friends. hello, fort lee!


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