friday night walk

after dinner we decided to take a walk. it was 8pm. our destination was chinatown ice cream factory in chinatown. it was a beautiful night to stroll and i asked gr1 street questions as we walked. when we got to the ice cream place we ordered: almond cookie for me, green apple sorbet for my husband (sorbet at an ice cream shop?), lychee for gr2, vanilla for gr3 and green tea for gr1. mmm. we walked over to sara d. rooselvelt park playground to sit and eat, but really the kids wanted to run around. it was getting dark out. we walked passed a school track field full of people–running, playing, dancing together. at the park, there were lots of families with kids running around. my husband said: it’s like we’re in asia. gr1 said: i wish it was japan.


we walked home on hester street and stopped into our new favorite flower/plant shop: Joy’s on hester street. gr3 and i were there earlier today and purchased three small succulent plants. they were still open after 9pm and we met joy! she was so friendly and was excited that the kids liked plants. we picked out a present for gr2’s dance teacher. joy gave the kids some cactus “seeds” and a couple succulent plants to start on their own.

we cut through the hester street market space to our coop and finally dropped off our netflix movie in the mail box–we lugged it on our walk the whole time. we made it home and the kids planted their new plants and added it to their collection. we need to remember to take more after-dinner walks. i know my husband and gr1 would prefer a bike ride, but we all agreed that this friday’s walk was perfect.



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