summer 2013 is here (finally)

today is the last day of school!

we have a running list of things we want to do this summer that we all contributed to. we don’t have to do it all, but we’ll have fun trying.

the list

1. Donut Plant we always have this on our summer list. easy peasy. does it count that our friends brought it over last week for dessert?

2. Central Park Zoo they’ve forgotten the times we went when they were little.

3. New York City Aquarium/Coney Island  they’re still rebuilding the aquarium because of sandy, but it is open.

4. Kinokuniya the love continues. we must go to the japanese book store.

5. Kung Fu Tea our new favorite bubble tea place. there are a few of them in chinatown. their teacher from school recommended it. no worries, ya-ya. we still love you too.

6. Jane’s Carousel/DUMBO/Grimaldi’s Pizza/Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory i’m thinking all these places will be busy. aren’t they always?

7. Make Lemonade

8. Daddy’s work/Times Square there’s something about going to daddy’s work and walking in the crazy times square hubub

9. Red Mango

10. Chinatown Ice Cream Factory we just went last friday, but we’ll go again ; )

11. Bake a Cake

12. Hamilton Fish Swimming Pool nyc public pool which is actually do-able and fun. don’t forget to bring a lock for when you put your shoes in the locker. you can only bring a towel in with you.

13. Go on a Bike Ride (we know, gr1 and dear husband, we know)

14. Go on Another Bike Ride at Night (i know gr1 wrote this one down)

15. Have a Picnic i can manage this one if it’s not mega hot out

16. Go to a Park good thing there are a million of those in nyc

17. Go to the Audobon Center in Brooklyn

18. Do an Experiment i’m not sure what they’re talking about, but ok.

19. Make and Print Drawings this one we’ll do with glue on cardboard and then print them.

20. Go to Wave Hill i put this one down since we (really it’s just i) have been wanting to go

21, Go to Woodfield Mall this is in schaumburg, illinois. my kids are obsessed with malls since there aren’t any really in nyc

22. Make a Terarrium

23. Paint Rocks at Lolo’s House they like to collect rocks from my dad’s landscaping and paint them.

24. Minnewaska i’m sure this means my dear husband will be buying a bike rack for the car so we can go riding here.

i’ll revisit once summer is over and see what we did or did not check off our list. if you don’t hear from me it’s because we’re going down the list and summering. happy summer!


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