summer visitors 2013

round 1: my cousin and her two kids came for the weekend at the end of june. we took the subway on saturday to coney island. first stop, the beach. the kids and my dear husband played in the water. feet were buried in the sand and my cousin and i soaked up some sun. there was a man selling churros on the beach, pushing his cart around. those churros were yum!



eventually we headed to nathan’s hot dog stand for a late lunch. there were lots of people and long lines, but we got our greasy dogs. after lunch we went to Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. the kids rode the small roller coaster, tilt-a-whirl, dizzy dragons, etc. we were sun-kissed and tired. we did get a burst of energy from the cotton candy before we caught the subway home. that was a full day.

on sunday we took our time and went to chinatown. we introduced them to bubble tea–wiith mixed reviews from her kids and then we went to the park on hester street between forsyth and chrystie. we walked through chinatown on our way home and topped off the day watching nanny mcphee at our place.

round 2: on tuesday, my sister and her family arrived. they picked up a late lunch at eastwood, the fish and chips place down the street. the next morning we went to midtown to see the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza. my sister loves seeing the Today Show. we took pics of Savannah outside. we checked out the NBC store, Nintendo store and then walked to Grand Central Station. downstairs at Grand Central Station we had Two Boots Pizza and Joe’s Burger’s. we went to the whispering walls on our way out. if you stand in one corner and someone stands in the corner diagonally across from you and you whisper into the wall, your voice will carry across the ceiling to the other person.


our next stop was the main public library and then the kids rode Le Carousel at Bryant Park. after that we went to the Toys’R’Us in Times Square to ride the ferris wheel. it was so nice to rest our feet and sit. while we were there it started to rain outside.


we met up with my husband at his office, had hot cocoa from his vending machine, and hungout in one of his conference rooms. we were tired from the walking.

if that wasn’t enough walking, we walked the brooklyn bridge before they left town on fourth of july morning. we took a subway to dumbo and walked back to manhattan across the bridge. it was hot out.


there was construction along the bridge so some views were obstructed. we ran into the love locks too. couples add a lock to this post to symbolize their love.


good thing we were able to take the subway back home. walking: done for the day. that night my husband took the kids to the west side on their bikes to watch the fireworks. happy fourth of july!

having visitors was a great start to summer.


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