labor day weekend: colonial williamsburg, va

we met up with our cousins in maryland and drove down to williamsburg, va. we had a scenic drive across bridges and water. we also hit holiday weekend traffic which unfortunately made the drive much longer, but we survived.

we stayed at the woodlands hotel in colonial williamsburg. we arrived after dark which made it difficult to find the place. we had a late dinner at Huzzah! BBQ Grille. “huzzah” was the “hooray” expression of the time period. after dinner we called it a night. the kids took the king size bed and we took the sofa pull out (i thought that was a good idea until we tried to sleep on the sofa bed).

the next morning we had the buffet breakfast at the hall while our husbands bought the passes to colonial williamsburg. you do not need to buy the pass, but you get to enter the buildings and ask the reenactors questions. if you stay at any of the colonial williamsburg hotels you receive a discounted price for the pass that lasts the whole stay. it was totally worth it though we should have stayed another day to really take our time and see everything–plus check out williamsburg.

it was hot out, but we didn’t let it stop our exploring.

we made our way to the town and walked a lot. people in period clothing greeted, guided and talked to us about the troubles in the 1770’s. there were reenactments throughout the day on the streets in town. it made history alive though it was lost on gr3 (six years old). gr1 was interested in what was going on and gr2 watched and listened.


we checked out: the apothecary, coffeehouse, jail, dressmakers, book binding and blacksmith shops. we ate, shopped and walked around. did i mention it was hot out?


at the end of the day we swam in the hotel pool (modern, not 1770’s!)

it was such a short trip that we want to return and see more of it. that was the last big drive before school started and we happily spent it with our cousins. huzzah!


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