central park zoo and the new york transit museum

as summer was winding down, we squeezed in trips to the central park zoo and new york transit museum with some friends before school started.

central park zoo  central park zoo is a snap. it’s not an all day trip like the bronx zoo. it’s compact, easy to get to and right in central park. luckily, the weather was perfect (not sticky, hot or humid). we arrived just it in time to see the delacorte musical clock chime.


we saw tropical birds, red fox pandas, penguins, puffins and sea lions.


after lunch by the sea lions and a bathroom break we headed to the petting zoo. we pulled our coins together and let the kids hand feed the sheep and goats.


we bought some ice cream treats and let the kids run around cenrtal park. they climbed some rocks.


new york transit museum  gr3 and i went with some other friends in town to the transit museum. one exhibit showed how they created and dug subway tunnels. another area showed how cars worked. we saw old turnstiles. kids could sit in the bus driver seat and be a city bus driver. there was a chart of the transit history with pictures. downstairs there were old train cars from different time periods that you can walk through and explore.display


two easy trips exploring nyc with kids.


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