fall food nyc

jollibee (woodside, queens) we ordered: an aloha burger (slice of pineapple in the burger), lumpia shanghai (little egg rolls), two orders of spaghetti, chicken joy (fried chicken with rice and gravy), ube shake (purple yam with tapioca pearls), and one halo-halo (best filipino dessert ever).


the chicken joy was yum! halo-halo had two scoops of ice cream. kids weren’t into the spaghetti–too sweet and the ube shake–too chalky. no worries, we’d go back for a quick filipino fix.


joe’s shanghai the kids have been asking for soup dumplings. we shared the table with a man from nj who came into the city just for the dumplings and a couple on a date. nothing like community table-sharing at joe’s.


mimi and coco yay for japanese street food.


gr3 is quite happy to have his own order of takoyaki (osaka street food, pancake like balls with octopus in the middle). their karaage (fried chicken strips) came with our choice of dipping sauce. thumbs up from the kids and us.


lorely german food biergarten. potatoes, meat, pretzels, german beer. anything else? kids dig it for weekend brunch. i bet watching world cup soccer is a major event here.

tao downtown my good friend set up the evening for mom’s night out. i always enjoy the company of my close girlfriends. i was out of my element (and neighborhood) surrounded by tall, fashion conscious people, but i wasn’t there for that. i got to be with my friends and partake in sushi that rocked the house. the space was beautiful. the humungous vishnu statue with the blinking eyes was a little unnerving. i thought there were actual birds flying in the cavernous space.


cronuts we finally got around to trying these concoctions. not bad considering dear husband came home with them after work. my husband’s coworker ordered a bunch of them they were delivered in the morning. we ate it for dessert after dinner. interesting filling. would i stand in line for an hour or more? no, but i’d eat them if i had them though : )


apizz finally, a date night with my husband. we missed it in october. this cozy, warm place was perfect for a chilly, sunday night. for our first he had the polenta and mushrooms while i had the most delicious spinach and pistachio salad with a lemon honey vinaigrette. for our second he had the handkerchief pasta with crab meat and i had the gnocchi with short ribs. we had a bottle of white wine and time to enjoy each other’s company.

thank goodness fall is not over yet.


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