city walk: chelsea

gr1 had a birthday party at chelsea piers. i got the chance to explore chelsea while she was at her party. my husband was with gr2 and gr3 camping with some friends out of town. what will i do in chelsea?

i checked out some art galleries along 22nd street:

Arlene Shechet at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.


Olivo Barbieri at Yancey Richardson Gallery


Susie MacMurray at Danese Corey Gallery


i walked the highline.


i walked through chelsea market (Z-O-O).

i treated myself to Liquiteria‘s mean green–kale, spinach, pineapple, mango, banana and fresh pineapple juice. it was very green and very yummy and then i watched the sunset by the hudson river.


after picking up gr1 she said she wanted to walk home. we checked out the highline and chelsea market together. we stopped by washington square park to take some pics and then continued all the way to the lower east side. what’s a few more miles.


by the time we got home, our legs were on fire. it felt so good to sit down.


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