food and art in williamsburg

having a car in the city is enabling us to get out of our little corner of manhattan. one saturday we went across the williamsburg bridge to hangout in williamsburg.

first stop: DuMont Burger  yum, yum, yum. this cozy burger joint hit the spot. my husband and i split a spinach salad and burger (thanks for sharing, my love!).

mamagr_dumontSalad mamagr_dumontBurger

gr1 went for the pulled pork while gr2 and gr3 shared their decadent mac’n’cheese (with bacon bits) and a plate of fries. dear husband opted for the onion rings. kids got shakes too. it was a true treat.

second stop: Cotton Candy Machine husband and wife–jay ryan and diana sudyka from chicago had a show there. i went to art school with them in illinois. it’s inspiring to see artwork done by peers.

mamagr_jay mamagr_diana

i want to make art! jay makes posters–the bird machine. diana’s an illustrator. i was excited to find out she did the drawings for books two and three of the mysterious benedict society by trenton lee stewart. my girls enjoyed the books and illustrations. we purchased a couple posters we hope to put up at home.

so glad we got out. thank you, brooklyn.


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