bake me a birthday cake

every birthday, my husband creates a birthday sign for each of the kids to put on the wall by our dinner table. they’re usually inspired by his or her current favorite thing. every birthday, we eat whatever the birthday celebrant picks for dinner (i can cook or we can eat out at their favorite place). every birthday, i bake a birthday cake of his or her choice. and every other year they also have a birthday party with their friends. that’s a lot of celebrating and birthday cakes!

the kids enjoy picking birthday cakes. i’ve gotten requests for lemon cake, chocolate cake, ultraman-shaped, domo-decorated and so on. here are our most recent birthday cakes:

june 2016: gr1 picked a simple yellow cakemamgr_birthdaycakegr1

september 2016: gr2 picked a yellow cake with strawberries on top
this was also a birthday party year for her so she picked another cake for her birthday-
tea party, a strawberry and cream crepe cake.mamagr_birthdaycrepecake

i do not bake my own cake ; )
i am partial to the ice cream cakes my mom used to get from baskin robbins: mint chocolate chip ice cream with fudge icing and peanuts crumbled on the edge. mmmm. thank you, dear husband, for always indulging this sweet nostalgia.mamagr_birthdaycake

january 2017: gr3 picked a yellow cake with blue icing
he also had a birthday party and for his “cake,” he picked mango ice cream mochi balls which i bought from trader joe’s (easy peasy).mamagr_birthdaycakegr3

dear husband picked his all time, hands-down, favorite cake:
pineapple upside down cake

i make the paula deen recipe (minus the heavy icing, seriously, does it need more butter and sugar?!). he love, love, loves it. mamagr_birthdaycakelove

we love our birthday cakes and we love celebrating together. par-tay! what is your favorite birthday cake? i’m always looking for good ideas. oh, and happy birthday!


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