hello. my name is joy and i live in new york city with my husband and three children.

i was born in chicago and raised in the ‘burbs. my husband and i moved to nyc in 1999, after we got married. i’m a mom and a maker. if i’m not at the gym or helping out at school, i’m running errands, maneuvering the social lives of my kids and making things.

i cook to eat. i clean when guests are coming. i practice yoga. i love watching soccer and in my head, i’m the best player ever, but then in reality, i’m playing my son at the park and he’s the goal keeper. i need deadlines to motivate. i suffer from identity crises every few months and then i realize there are bigger problems and i should get over myself.

my family and i are makers (drawings, music, robots…).

and we are a close family—not just because we live in an apartment in new york city.

i’m learning to chill out and not take anything too seriously (my life aspiration).


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